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At Rekow Management we focus on helping you understand your financial status, establish reasonable goals, and understand your options. We dig deeply to establish your individual risk profile and incorporate that into a broad financial plan.

We get to know you, your values and goals, your perception of risk, and your knowledge of financial issues. We want to understand what goals make your life meaningful, and create a strategy for you to realize those goals. Then we put our experience to work crafting a financial plan that includes well diversified portfolios customized to your individual situation.

Once we set your plan in motion, we will monitor your results continuously and make changes when needed in response to shifts in the economy, the markets, or your life situation. We also meet with you regularly to keep you informed and involved.

The key is to develop a trusting relationship based on your long-term interests. We know we’ve succeeded when you have the comfort of knowing you have thought deeply about your future and put in place a plan to get you where you want to go. 

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